By: dmtrs On: July 13, 2022 In: News Comments: 0

There are many fond supporters of mountain holidays since they feel that this is how they relax and find inner peace. For many, spending holidays in a village or town in the mountains reminds us of our childhood, where we used to spend our holidays with grandma and grandpa. Some of the main reasons to spend your holidays in the mountains are:

  • The calmness and sense of peace the mountainous landscape offers to the visitors.
  • Nature is full of colorful flowers and green trees. Often, the climate and temperature of mountainous regions favor vegetation, which is much denser than in coastal regions. The plane trees, for example, by the refreshing river, offer an incomparable coolness in the summer.
  • Thanks to the mild temperature and the dry climate, you can sleep comfortably at night without air conditioning, enjoy an afternoon coffee on the patio and enjoy many walks in nature.