A new proposal for an escape in Artemisia, Messinia.

Denthaliatis was the name of the current region of Alagonia with the 6 villages west of Taygetos during the Homeric years. The memories of this place since my childhood, led me together with the Fit & Claim company, to the establishment of Denthis Hotel.
Denthis is located in Artemisia of Messinia on Mount Taygetos at the 22nd klm of the serpentine road of infinite natural beauty between Kalamata and Sparta. Denthis Hotel is a station of rest and rejuvenation and a starting point for new excursions for the traveler.
Our hotel promises enjoyable moments of an upgraded stay, with the heated pool-spa, the restaurant, the bar and the patio launching the experience to a new level. A special experience for everyone for the four seasons of the year.
Denthis Hotel is the destination. But it is also the starting point for exploring the enchanting area, the pure virgin green nature and the development of alternative activities. We look forward to welcoming you.

Panagiotis Pavlakos

A special experience for special guests

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